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Guest satisfaction

Guest satisfaction

Comprehensive and qualified guest service

Guest satisfaction

The satisfaction of our guests is top priority. Here at AIDA we do our best every day to make sure that our guests always feel comfortable and well attended to on their vacation whether on board or on land.

Our customer management department is responsible for communicating with our guests before and after the voyage. Customer management includes the areas of customer dialog & loyalty, customer relations, quality management and market research. As such, it is our most important tool for doing our best to give our guests what they want. For example, our dialog with guests involves travel information, direct marketing, and our AIDA Club loyalty program. Customer management also compiles all quality assurance information. Under the umbrella of customer experience management, the areas customer relation management (CRM), customer intelligence and customer management ensure the satisfaction of our guests. Customer management also represents the interests of our guests in corporations and actively works to incorporate their suggestions and requests into developing new products.

We capture the satisfaction of our guests in various ways such as detailed guest surveys. These surveys give us valuable insight into how we can further improve. Suggestions and requests are always welcome, but we also appreciate criticism from our guests. In 2015, our guest satisfaction rate was 90 percent. If any guest has cause for complaint, we have a specific contact person available on board and on land who will gladly address the concern. Making shoreside contact can be accomplished through all communication channels such as phone, email, or social media. Depending on the channel, complaints are processed within five business days or less.

We not only require that all guests are offered the best service at all times, we also put ourselves to the test: Hotel and restaurant experts regularly travel incognito on board to see what an everyday cruise experience with AIDA is really like. They evaluate every part of the trip based on clearly defined quality and service standards and give us valuable feedback on further improving our guest satisfaction.

A vacation on AIDA’s ships means relaxation and diversions, enjoyment and excellent entertainment. For this we received the Deutsche Kreuzfahrtpreis 2015 (German Cruise Line Award) in the categories “Best Restaurant” and “Best Entertainment Program”. This highly coveted award is given out each year by the renowned Koehlers Guide Kreuzfahrt (Cruises).

In addition to plenty of positive feedback from our guests, we were also delighted to receive the title “Service Champion”. In Germany’s largest ranking of services, AIDA Cruises took seventh place among 1989 reviewed companies in 2015 and was awarded the Golden Seal for best service quality. AIDA prevailed against eight other cruise operators and earned the highest score for the best customer service experienced in the cruise industry. Additionally, AIDA was awarded the Gold Ranking as family-friendly company last year as the winner in its industry. The German Institute for Service Quality, in cooperation with the newspaper Welt am Sonntag and the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, conducted the survey about over 400 companies in 60 industries.


We are very pleased with these awards, but not in terms of contented complacency. Instead, we see them as further incentive to continue improving our service.

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