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Safety in any situation and at all levels

Safety in any situation and at all levels

Ship safety

At AIDA, safety is our highest priority. Our entire crew is trained in accordance with our HESS standards (Hess = Health, Environment, Safety, and Security). Our crew, our guests and the local authorities take part in the internationally stipulated safety exercises, which are conducted before a ship leaves port.

Furthermore, in 2017 a new electronic Muster Control System was introduced across the entire AIDA fleet. This system allows precise and confidential treated data to be gathered in real time about AIDA’s passengers and crew in order better to manage evacuations and gathering points.

Normgerechte Sicherheit & Technische Schiffssicherheit

Maritime Simulation and Training Centre

On 14th July 2016, the ceremonial opening of the new Arison Maritime Center CSMART for maritime training took place in Almere in the Netherlands. It is the most up-to-date maritime training center of its kind and was certified by DNV GL as the first "Center of Excellence in Safety" in the global maritime industry. Around 75 million Euros were invested by the Carnival Group in the most cutting-edge simulation technology to educate and train the 7,000 nautical and technical officers of the ten cruise lines of the Carnival Group.

At the heart of the 10,000 square meter sized Arison Maritime Center, situated a stone’s throw from Amsterdam, is the CSMART Academy with four Full Mission Bridge Simulators including bridge control consoles, four Full Mission Engine Simulators, eight Part Task Bridge Simulators, 16 Part Task Engine Simulators and 15 discussion rooms for innovative training sessions. These workshops and assessments go far beyond the requirements set out by the international STCW Convention (Standards for Training, Certification and Watchkeeping).

The training courses that make use of the Full Mission Bridge simulators are able to simulate maneuvers in real time while under the effects of swell, wind, current, various visibility conditions or precipitation. Training is offered for AIDA Cruises destinations all over the world, including up to 60 ports and well-travelled sea regions. The operation of machinery and emergency scenarios are simulated in the Engine Room Simulator and both team and individual exercises are practiced under timed conditions.

Our crew began learning how to operate AIDAnova in mid-2017, while the ship itself will be launched in November 2018.

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Simulation center