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Our environmental protection


Pioneer in efficiency

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and highly-trained personnel, we are able to reduce our ships’ energy, fuel and water consumption. From 2012, we are using for example a heat recovery system on AIDAmar to reduce power consumption

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Significant reduction of pollutants

We’re acting today to cut emissions and preserve resources in tomorrow’s world. That’s why we’re involved in various research projects and equip our new ships for technological alternatives

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Our guidelines

Upholding national and international regulations on the protection of the maritime environment is a matter of course for us

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Innovation for an unspoiled environment

Turquoise waters, rugged coastlines and a variety of flora and fauna. A vacation with AIDA is always an escape into the world of nature as well. That’s why it’s only natural for us to take on responsibility and work hard every day to ensure that our business activities are as environmentally friendly as possible. We set our own standard – that of being the industry pioneer in terms of climate and environmental protection.

In order to meet this standard, we regularly train our employees in environmental protection issues and annually invest at least €600,000 in innovative technological solutions. For example, in 2011, AIDAbella was the last ship in our fleet to be given a low-friction underwater coat of silicone-based paint. This reduces hydrodynamic drag – and provides fuel savings of 3 % across the fleet. We have also installed a heat recovery system on AIDAmar, the 2012 addition to our fleet. This allows us to generate electrical power using the waste heat from our motors – and thus reduce our fuel consumption and the ship’s CO2 emissions. Annually decreasing energy consumption on our ships proves that we are steering the right course in terms of environmental and climate protection. Since 2007, we have reduced our fuel consumption per guest per day by almost one-fifth, or 18.1 %. In 2011, we also succeeded in significantly reducing water consumption and waste generation per guest and per day.

In the future, we wish to continue to manage resources carefully, reduce emissions and dispose of waste and waste water in as environmentally-friendly a way as possible. That is why we took part in various research projects in 2011, and why we are already preparing our future generation of ships for the use of potential alternatives such as shorepower and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

In 2011 we enjoyed substantial success in terms of sustainable cruise tourism. In order to continue on the same route in 2012, we have set ourselves clearly defined, verifiable goals. We want to cut our fleet’s fuel consumption by a further 3.7 % per berth and per day and reduce water consumption per guest and per day by 3.5 % to 229.5 liters. At the same time, we want to reduce waste generation per guest and per day by 2.8 % to 6.01 kg, increase our recycling quota to 28 % and raise the proportion of waste water disposed of ashore to protect the Baltic Sea.

AIDA Cares GRI Index

GRI Index

Unser Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2012 orientiert sich an den Vorgaben der Global Reporting Initiative

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