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Code of Conduct and Ethics

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Modern Slavery Statement

Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, explicitly condemns all forms of child exploitation and forced labor and states our intent to comply with and support laws and regulations relevant to slavery and human trafficking. We expect our business partners to respect and follow applicable laws and regulations and to promote ethical decisions in all aspects of their business. These requirements are documented in our Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics, which specifically prohibits the use of slavery and human trafficking in our direct supply chain.

Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics

The fundamental principles of AIDA Cruises – a member of the Carnival Corporation & plc group – include observing the laws of the countries in which AIDA Cruises operates and upholding  the highest possible ethical standards with regards to all its business operations.

To ensure these laws and standards, to which AIDA Cruises has obliged itself, the following Business Partner Code of Conduct has been created. Included in its binding principles are

  • the strict adherence to all legal regulations,
  • our promise of providing the highest quality to our guests,
  • a corporate culture of respect,
  • mutual appreciation and equality,
  • fairness in all interaction with partners,
  • suppliers and competitors,
  • as well as exactness and integrity by all business dealings.

We not only expect that our employees to believe in and support these values of business conduct, but also all our business and agency partners. The principles defined by the Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics should act as a guideline for our mutual business relationship. We would already like to thank you for your support in this.

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.