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AIDA Cruises Stands up for the Environment

Wildlife conservation is part of the strategy for sustainability
Rostock, 31. July 2013

Acting sustainably is a high priority for AIDA Cruises. The cruise line has been engaged in the conservation of a pristine environment and clean oceans as well as being active in the preservation of biological diversity and wildlife for many years now. The company actively requests support on this matter from its guests.

"Cruises with AIDA are always vacations spent in nature. We see sustainable and environmentally conscious conduct as a foundation for our financial success, because we want to be able to show future generations the most beautiful places in the world. For this reason, it is only natural that we take responsibility and also make our guests aware of how they interact with nature," according to Greenpeace co-founder and former Environment Secretary for Niedersachsen, Monika Griefahn. As the Chief Sustainability Officer at AIDA Cruises, Griefahn is designated to oversee the company's engagement in sustainability.

It has been years since AIDA Cruises stopped offering excursions to dolphinariums. In the interest of wildlife conservation, guests of AIDA are also encouraged to avoid visiting them when organizing their own excursions. Additionally, the Rostock cruise line has provided support for a research project on porpoises in the Baltic Sea and cultivates a constructive dialog with numerous environmental protection organizations.

Even when buying products typical for a certain country or trying traditional foods at destinations, AIDA encourages its guests and crew to respect wildlife conservation and biodiversity by avoiding the purchase or consumption of endangered plant or animal species. It goes without saying that such products or foods are not offered on board the ships of AIDA's fleet.

An understanding and fascination for the delicate ecosystem of the ocean is awakened and nurtured through regular environment information sessions on board that explain the engagement of AIDA Cruises. These are just a few concrete examples of practices that allow AIDA Cruises to live its commitment to environmental protection each and every day.

Since 2007, AIDA has clearly documented its activities related to environmental conservation for all to see in the yearly sustainability report, AIDA Cares, at

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