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AIDA Recognized for Environmentally Friendly Fleet Management with the Green Fleet Award

Rostock, 11. September 2013

On September 11 at the IAA in Frankfurt, AIDA Cruises was given the Green Fleet Award 2013 in recognition of its environmentally friendly fleet management. The prize is awarded each year by TÜV Süd and honors the most innovative and economical ideas for more environmental protection in fleet management.

Monika Griefahn, Chief Sustainability Officer at AIDA Cruises: "Efficient and environmentally friendly mobility concepts are an essential part of our dedication to environment and climate protection. This includes, among other things, the purchase of more efficient and innovative new vehicles, car sharing, and company bicycles. Just by switching over to car sharing, we are saving 1.7 tons of CO2 emissions per car each year. The Green Fleet Award shows that we are on the right track with these measures. We understand this as an incentive to continually develop further in this area."
Even at sea, AIDA Cruises relies on an efficient and economical fleet. The ten ships presently in the fleet use an average of only 3 liters of fuel per person on board for a 100 km journey. The calculation and accuracy of this statement has been confirmed by Germanischer Lloyd.

The sustainable mobility concept of AIDA
The motor fleet of around 80 vehicles at the company's location in Rostock is held to the most modern of standards. As a result, the car fleet's average emissions value is a mere 135 grams of CO2 over 100 kilometers. In addition to that, the motor fleet will be expanded in fall of 2013 to include its first electric cars. Natural gas vehicles are already being offered as an option for employees when new company cars are ordered. By using car sharing, AIDA Cruises is making an additional contribution to environmental protection. By replacing pool vehicles with car sharing cars, the company cuts its annual CO2 emissions by 1.7 tons per car. Besides improving ecobalance, switching to the car sharing system also has very personal advantages for AIDA workers. Attractive BMW models and the fleet of Minis can also be used privately. Additionally, employees at AIDA Cruises have another option for getting around that is both environmentally friendly and sporty. At its location in Rostock, the company provides a pool of 20 company bicycles for its employees to use.

About AIDA Cruises
As a cruise line and tour operator, AIDA Cruises currently operates and markets a fleet of 10 state-of-the-art cruise ships. The ships are operated in compliance with the highest international quality, environmental, and safety standards. The AIDA fleet will expand to 12 ships by 2016.

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