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Consistent employee development


International training

We travel the entire world with our ships, our crew is made up of people from 25 nations – and now our training is becoming more global as well

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On-Board safety

Safety comes first – and that also goes for everyday life on board. That is why our employees receive ongoing training on HESS topics

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Targeted career planning

Our fleet is constantly growing, and with it also our need for qualified technical and management staff. This opens up a wide range of career advancement opportunities

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working conditions

Attractive working conditions

In order to offer our employees a modern and sophisticated working environment with attractive working conditions, we introduced fundamental changes in 2011

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Open corporate culture

We cultivate a policy of open communication. This includes the active exchange of information and experience as well as our Open Door policy

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AIDA as an attractive employer

In 2012 we want to further strengthen our position as an attractive employer in the national and international job market and become an “Employer of Choice”. Furthermore we will be addressing potential applicants in a more targeted manner in order to attract highly qualified employees.We would like all of our employees to go to work with a sense of motivation, to develop themselves on an ongoing basis, and to identify with “their” company over the long term. That is why we offer our employees numerous continuing education options and intend to expand our training program even further in 2012. The AIDA Academy is pivotal to these plans: Having finalized all preparations in 2011, as of 2012 the Academy is now the center of our diverse and constantly growing training system. 




Occupational accidents/ days lost

AIDA Cares GRI Index

GRI Index

Our 2012 sustainability report is based on the Global Reporting Initiative framework

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